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School License No:

Parent’s Road Map

For the permit:


1. Enroll in & Complete Drivers Education

  • Be 15 ½ years old
  • Complete it online or in a class room (Some High
    Schools offer it)
  • Online Course


2. Pass the written permit test at the DMV


Be sure to bring:

Certificate of Completion
of Driver’s Education (Pink or Blue Certificate)

Legal Birth Certificate or Current Passport

Social Security Number

DMV Form DL44 application Fee $35.00


For more information on getting the permit, see our Permit Requirements Page.



For the license:


  1. Take written permit test at the DMV
  2. Call ABC & schedule for 1st, 2 hour lesson for
    Behind the Wheel Driving
  3. At the time of the first 2 hour driving lesson and after 1st
    payment is received ($150), instructor validates permit with his/her
  4. Parents sign permit after 50 hours of behind the wheel (includes
    10 hours of night driving over the 6 month period)
    outlined in the Parent-Teen Drivers Handbook (DL603)
  5. Call ABC and schedule/complete 2 more driving lessons (2 hours
  6. Once you have completed and paid for 6 hours total (3×2 hour
    lessons), your instructor will issue you a Certificate of Completion
    for Driver’s Training
  7. Pass the DMV behind the wheel driving test
  8. Recieve a provisional driver’s license from the DMV

The Provisional Driver’s license is required for 1 year of driving
OR until the driver turns 18. The provisional license imposes the
following restrictions:

You may NOT drive between 11pm and 5am

You may NOT drive with anyone under the age of 20 as a passenger unless
accompanied by a parent or licensed driver 25 yrs or older.