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Featured Video – How to Avoid Distracted Driving



If it feels like you’re often driving next to motorists whose mind is focused on anything but the road, you’re right. In fact, the CDC estimates that over a thousand people are injured every day in accidents resulting from distracted driving. After a near-collision last week with someone who appeared to be texting behind the wheel, I did some research and came across the following resources:

Distracted Drivers Feel Addicted to Technology Behind the Wheel
There is a very disturbing reason we feel the need to use our phones when we’re behind the wheel – we have become so addicted to technology that we depend on it even when we know it’s dangerous to do so.

Distracted Driving: Preventable and Deadly
This resource provides not only the alarming statistics of how frequently we drive while we’re preoccupied, but also offers suggestions on how to put an end to this trend.

Hands-free Devices Distract Drivers for 27 Seconds After Use
Although those of us who enable hands-free devices in our vehicles have the best intentions, these gadgets don’t make us immune to being distracted and putting ourselves and others in harm’s way.

Road Rules for Little Passengers
Our little ones can be a source of distraction while driving if we don’t exercise extreme caution while they’re in the car. Help to ensure that your kids travel safely with these important tips.

How to Keep Your Dog Safe in the Car
I frequently travel with my dog in the front seat. I never realized how this is not only an unsafe practice for my dog, but is also a constant source of distraction for me even on quick trips!

Distracted Driving Awareness Month
This deadly issue has become so prevalent that the National Safety Council has named April as Distracted Driving Awareness Month.

Since these articles were so enlightening to me, I thought you and your readers would find them informative as well. I think they would be a helpful addition to your website (they would be a good fit here:, so feel free to share any of these that you found as illuminating as I did.

Thank you in advance for spreading awareness on the dangers of distracted driving! If this isn’t a topic of interest to you and you would rather not hear from me in the future, be sure to send me an email to let me know.

Best regards,

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Aggressive Driving

  • Partnership for Safe Driving The Partnership for Safe Driving is a non-profit organization
    dedicated to eliminating all forms of dangerous driving. Founded in
    February 1997, we create national education campaigns and lobby for
    stricter enforcement of traffic laws. Headquarters: Washington, DC
  • Public Agenda – “When Push Comes to Shove” Passengers and Travel
    Workers Call Rudeness a Real Problem
  • Road Rage Song


Did You Know? Get the 411 on Organ and Tissue Donation

  • Students who are gearing up to get their driver’s licenses may not know that as part of the DMV application, Question #7 asks whether or not applicants are interested in signing up to become organ and tissue donors. Organ and tissue donors are needed to help the thousands of residents in California and the U.S. who are in need of life-saving transplants.
  • Do you know what your donation decision will be? Watch the video, Your Decision to Donate, and learn more about the science of organ and tissue donation. Remember, you have the power to save lives!


Drowsy Driving

  • Victims of Irresponsible Drowsy Drivers – VOIDD, Victims Of Irresponsible Drowsy Driver’s, is
    a non-profit organization dedicated to heightening public awareness
    of non-commercial drowsy / fatigued drivers who fall asleep behind
    the wheel due to sleep-deprivation.
  • Talk About Sleep – An all in one place where patient, medical practitioner,
    healthcare professionals, academic, researcher and vendor members
    of the sleep community can share ideas, concerns, experiences, and
    enhance their knowledge on sleep-related issues.
  • Kentucky Sleep Society – The Kentucky Sleep Society is an organization of medical professionals
    throughout the state of Kentucky committed to promoting quality in
    the practice of sleep medicine.
  • NationalSleep Foundation – The National Sleep Foundation is dedicated
    to improving public health and safety by achieving understanding of
    sleep and sleep disorders, and by supporting sleep-related education,
    research, and advocacy.
  • Sleep Information for Patients and the General Public – This has
    more information on sleep and driving from the National Heart, Lung,
    and Blood Institute.
  • Sleep Medicine Home Page – Everything you ever wanted to know about
    sleep disorders


Teen Driver Safety

  • AAA Teen Driving Website – New interactive website designed for both parents
    and teens covering all aspects of teens learning to drive. Automatically
    offers information tailored to your state of residency.
  • From Reid’s Dad – A poignant “lessons learned” blog from a father who
    lost his son in a single vehicle crash in 2006. The blog helps parents
    of teen drivers make better decisions about when to entrust their
    teens with the car keys.
  • Teen New Drivers’ Homepage – Created by a teen for teens, this site offers tips for drivers who
    are just learning the ropes.
  • Teen Driving Info – Comprehensive teen driving information and news
    for parents, teens, researchers, educators, legislators, to keep teens
    safe while driving


Driver Education Sites

  • How to Avoid Distracted Driving – A short instructional video
    from AAA showing many different kinds of distractions. The video offers
    proactive methods for planning to avoid distractions before getting
    behind the wheel.
  • The American Driver and Traffic Safety Education Association (ADTSEA) – ADTSEA is the
    professional association representing traffic safety educators in
    the US and abroad. The Web site has an online version of their quarterly
    publication “The Chronicle” and a resource library containing traffic
    safety articles and links. They also have an online driver education
  • Driver Competency Assessment Protocol – DCA is a Canadian company
    that currently operates in 6 provinces and has a number of service
    providers. Service Providers are privately owned companies or individuals
    who hold the required credentials and operate under contract to administer
    DCA protocols and assessments.
  • Driving School Association of the Americas – The DSAA is an international association
    of driving school owners whose goals are to improve driver safety
    and encourage professional ethics in the driver education industry.


Other Interesting Traffic Safety Sites

  • AAA Exchange – is designed to foster communication between AAA and
    the 47 million members it represents. It is an extension of AAA’s
    long history of public service and provides a look into important
    safety, consumer, automotive and travel issues.
  • Distracted Driving Foundation
    – Nprofit organization founded on a simple premise—that consumers
    should no longer be distracted by handheld electronic devices when
    they drive. Seeks to implement technical solutions to prevent cell
    phone use while driving.
  • The DUI Foundation – Reinforce the ideal that a single drunk driving accident
    can permanently have a negative impact on you, passengers in your
    vehicle, and anyone else involved in the disaster
  • DUI JusticeLink – AAA website designed to provide criminal justice
    professionals with easily accessible, impartial information on a wide
    range of impaired-driving issues related to the detection, prosecution
    and adjudication of drunken drivers
  • Stop Drugged Driving – The national center for drugged driving awareness,
    research and policy.
  • Sandy Johnson Foundation – To identify and educate the public as to
    road intersections and roadways which pose a significant danger to
  • myCarStats – Provides auto recall and technical service bulletin information
    on most cars in a user friendly format. Consumers can create and print
    reports to use when working with their service representatives.
  • Near-Miss Report.Org – An Online Reporting System for Traffic Safety. Anonymously submit
    the details of any near-miss or crash you experience while operating
    a motor vehicle. Results center around an improved understanding of
    how drivers can increase the likelihood of being able to avoid a collision.
  • Traffic Safety Kids Page – Games, puzzles and fun for big kids and small.
  • Manual of Traffic Signs – Along with a great library of national and
    international signs, this site has extensive information on cost,
    placement, and sign design.
  • Injury Prevention Web – The Injury Prevention Web hosts the Web sites
    of several agencies and organizations working to prevent injuries.
  • Refueling Awareness Video – Prevent fuel fires at the pump by following
    these simple steps.
  • Safe Smart Women – Devoted to vehicle and driving safety for women. Includes listing
    of periodic car clinics. Supported in part by the Carmax Foundation.
  • Safety City – Interactive traffic safety site for kids!
  • Traffic Safety Information Village – A good source for traffic safety and driver education info!
  • Transport Topics – Weekly bulletins from the trucking industry.
  • Traffic Accident Reconstruction Origin – Florida based organization offers a critical forum for
    ideas and techniques used in the field of traffic accident reconstruction.
    Interesting look at crash investigation, even for the layman. Also
    links to other similar accident investigation sites.
  • DOT Auto Safety Hotline – Do you own a car or truck that you feel
    has a safety defect? If so, head to this hotline to gather information
    about safety problems and help identify these problems that sometimes
    lead to recalls.
  • SafetyInfo – This site not only contains information concerning traffic safety but every
    other kind of safety out there.
  • National Work Zone Safety Clearinghouse – Everything you always wanted to know about Work
    Zone Safety from the folks at the Texas Transportation Institute.
  • World Advocacy–Automotive – A list of links to automotive advocacy organizations.
  • MotorZoo – Automotive Search Engine